White Crystal "白色结晶" refers to the crystal that possess the godly presence and gifts from blood. It is also known as the crystalised blood of the gods.


The white crystals are found in very rare caves and locations that one will not expect. It was believed that there is only instances that 1/5000 chances to actually find the crystal. The crystals were from the tears of the mother of gods Grace, whom acts as the shield, protecting the gods' society, as well as it concerns the universe. Tales spoke about the tears of Grace landing on the ground of the planets, were the tears that she saw the mistery of the universe that had become because of the act of Lavianth, and that revengeful spirit of her son had caused so much misery in the world.

Though protecting the Gods' Society, gods could not interfere with the life in the mortal world and that by doing so, it will harm the gods and create a chaotic mess on other planets.

Power & Chant

The Power of the crystal allows one to become stronger than their actual abilities and their enhanced their overall output: each crystal possess a unique set of powers which can read from the hearts of the person whom holds it. It will only fuse with people with pure heart that touches the heart of the gods. with the chant decoded as 'Forgive me'.