The immortal flower "仙人花" refers to the flower that was described by Curserz' Mother, Dionius when Curserz drew his painting with their family and the flower with a rainbow at the hillside.


During one day when young curserz was drawing at his desk while the other kids were playing outside, his mother knocked on his door "Curserz?". Curserz opened the door and allowed her to enter and he replied "I drew another paining" with a smile on his face. His mother approached the desk and picked up the painting on her hand. She said with a smile on her face "That is very beautiful my child." something caught her eye. She saw the flower that was small and seemingly a little out of shape. "Let me try ^^" she picked up a pencil and eraser. She erased the small flower and drew it with a more bigger and brighter flower with its petals very welcomed. Curserz gasped in shock to see that his mother was a brilliant artist just as he was. "Mommy, why?" he asked. "The flower here represents hope. Whenever anything happens, hope will always be there. Hope will never die and continues to live in our hearts. Hence our flower will never die." She replied. "Soon, you'll understand and you're older." She patted on his head.