The Eighth Shogun "第八幕府" refers to the eighth soldier in the entire clan history to be attain the title as Shogun. Currently the only stakeholder of this position is Kiratohell12. Also known as the ruler of the Kingdom of Peace.

Background History

Kiratohell12 is a kind and loyal member of the clan, whom is respectful towards all his members in the clan and being a well team-leader in many situations that involved in heavy decision making. His attitude and personality were seen and well-regarded by the council, and soon managed to caught the eye of The Emperor himself.

He was the previous daimyo under Amirshamodachi, whom they both played a wonderful role into integrating the kingdom, till a recommendation was called in to allow Kirato to attain the title as a Shogun. Being a shogun was never easy, and kirato continues to seek help and visits The First Kingdom for help and bonding. Hence the bonding between the First Kingdom and The Eighth Kingdom was deemed admirable to many as at many occasions, informal times were common and natural.


- Kiratohell12 was the sensei to many other Elite soldiers. - KiratoHell12 was supposingly been recommended to receive the 7th Shogun place.