Red Fairy refers to the mysterious lady that is spoken quite often by Sonicz. The mysterious letter that was sent from Sonicz's office, and supposedly the last surviving letter in the museum today, yet not discovered the true identity of the secret beloved of Sonicz.


Red Fairy '红色童话" is a lady that appears in Sonicz's dream. It was believed that Sonicz had been sleep-walking and constantly murmurs the name in his dream. Witnesses believed that the mysterious lady could be of one instant that Sonicz had actually met her, but he did not approached her, and that he was greatly in love with her.

Although there were many traces of evidences of the mysterious 'Red Fairy', it turn out not possible as it could be any woman, however they do know that the woman has affliation with the color red.


It is not until 1745, where they are able to traced the mysterious identity, and officially identified as Matilda Monte.