Dark Sector Fan Art by Guesscui

First War Arc, "第一次戰爭弧" refers to the battle of three fronts imposed within the clan which involved the First Division troops, Second Division troops and Sonicz, the War Marshal.

Background History

Due to a small misunderstanding which causes a degrees of severe conflicts in the clan. It happened when one of the division members in second division spoke about the recent news of the first division's wife being very sick and that no medicine could help to cure her terrible & strange illness. As the news passed down fast among the division members, it was a recipe for disaster. In outrage upon hearing the rumours being spread by who is believed to be in the second division, he slammed his document on his table which he was needed to sign for an adminstrative matter, storm off his barracks and towards the second division barracks.

Matters got worse when one of the guarding member of the second division barracks unsheath their sword to block the intruding warrior into the barracks as it is breaking the law into intruding a different division barrack without a formal permission and agreement before hand to enter. Amirshamodachi slashed his swords and there was a quick & strong gust of wind that shook the barracks.

In horror, many of the second division members went out towards the division barracks' entrance and frantically defending the barracks.

The Confrontation

" Respect My Privacy, Come out, Show Your Face!" - Amirshamodachi spoke with seething anger.

When the Second Division Captain appeared and confronted the First Division Captain, The First Division Captain challenged the Second Division captain to put up a fight with him, which his main argument was respect.They had series of conflicts ever since the second division enters the clan which Amirshamodachi initially believed that he was a spy from a far-away kingdom "Daedalus" which is in affiliation with the legendary Dark-Lord that was believed to be the 'Gods' Evilness' "神王'邪惡".

In reluctance, the Second Division Captain agreed.

Fall Of Second Earth War

It was then the confrontation of the first division captain and second division captain which caused the first war to happen. It ended 8000 thousand years ago when The War Marshal returned from far away and do the seal technique that obstructs the movement of both of the captains. He is seen to later on shout at the division members to stop their needless rage.