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Rivee01, also known as the Fifth Division Captain "第五師上尉" is the fifth outstanding warrior that is hailed as the captain of the clan. He was discovered during the Third War Arc.

Rivee01 has a relax and cheerful personality which he often relates himself with his division members as a siblings instead of being called as a captain with formality. He is a character whom most of the captains appreciate due to his cheerful personality. He was often a peace-maker which he helped to stop quarrels within the clan and in his division. His special ability is 'radial blind' "徑向盲" which causes temporary blindness towards his opponents, hence giving him an advantageous position to strike down his foes without being traced.

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He is a blood brother that is close to The Third Division Captain, Zaraki95Kenpachi. Both of them grew up during the warrior's war period. As an elder brother whom vowed to take care of his sibling, Zaraki was accepted as a refugee in the WrathOfTheGods clan, and soon became a leader of his own division. To protect his last surviving brother, he felt anguish to the fact to leave his only brother at the woods as he knew they would meet again after a very long time.

"You will be a strong man, remember our family, remember me. " - Zaraki pat his young brother on his head before leaving the hidden 'house' with face streaked with tears.

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After the shocking and miraculous reunion of the brothers in the clan, they were happy and contended to have survived through the war. After leaving the thought that his brother might not survived the terrible war during the Second War Arc (which is when they were separated), it was the first time that The Third Division Captain smiled happily and proud that his long-lost brother, became an outstanding captain of a protection division.

Trivia: Zaraki & Rivee01 went on further to participate in the Third War Arc Together.