For sword releases forms, only the most powerful and chosen spirit that represents 'Gods' Antidote' "封神解藥" could establish the connection between the sword owner and user. However, in this particular case, sword releases refer to the full mastery level of the bonds between the sword and its user to be able to cast its true potential and connection as one entity, a fusion of two entities into one absolute entity. The sword-owner will take form of the sword's fiend appearance when it is released.

1. Sonicz, The War Marshal


First Form 'Volt' '電壓"


Sword Release 'Volt Prime' '首相伏'

2. Solid8722, First Division Captain


First Form 'Rhino'


Sword Release "Rhino Prime" '犀牛總理'

3. Infinyx, Second Division Captain


First Form 'Frost' "冰霜"

Frost prime by mrrumbles-d69d07c

Sword Release "Frost Prime" '冰霜總理'

4. Zaraki95Kenpachi, Third Division Captain


First Form 'Loki' "洛基"


Sword Release 'Loki Prime' "洛基總理"

5. AbugiMenao, Fourth Division Captain


First Form 'Nova' "新" (Only Form So Far)

6. Rivee01, Fifth Division Captain

Warframe drawing excalibur by charlie

First Form 'Excalibur' "神劍"


Sword Release "Excalibur Prime" "神劍總理"

7. Cellix1, Sixth Division Captain

Valkyr by labet1001-d6x7vd1

First Form 'Berserker' "狂戰士" (Only Form So Far)

8. StormVanguard Seventh Division Captain

Necro warframe 01

First Form 'Nekros' "耐克魯斯" (Only Form So Far)

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