Dimensional Theory "三维理论" refers to the theory explained and published on the 1378s, by Abugimenao. It is also referred as one of the most important theoretical works in history, which is often spoken during university lectures by Sonicz and other professors.


Within the Dimensional Theory "三维理论" it is futher categorized into seven areas, which is 7 dimensional realms with different personalities. Hence it is believed that life on earth is considered a dimension, and that six other dimensions possess different personality and ways to overcome and handle a certain situation, hence resulting a drastic changes in mood in the later life. It is also believed that the seven dimensional personalities are connected to one another, which explains the dreams that came. We are also able to have a dimensional instinct and paranormal instinct which allows us to experience a feeling that was once not be able to.

In order for a spirit to be completely be reincarnated, it'll have to seek for the other six of their other dimensional spirits, hence fused together in order to be judged by the God Of Underworld, before they proceed to subjection to hell or heaven.